Anonymous said: about the topic from last night: again and i am very sorry, but i also struggle with it and it has led to other things but i was just simply wondering i am so sorry.

Don’t worry about it.

Anonymous said: I wanna see you with the red hair! You're soooo pretty!!

Just look through my tagged/me!

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My handsome fella and I in Rockport today :)

Anonymous said: i'm sorry i was just wondering because you can see a bit of it in that photo down there. im so sorry

No worries. But for future reference, don’t just ask someone that simply out of curiosity. That’s a very sensitive thing for a lot of people. I don’t mind talking about it if you’re seeking advice, but otherwise, it’s not an easy subject for anyone and I’d be more considerate of that the next time you want to ask someone about it.

Anonymous said: did you use to cut yourself? do you still currently if so?

I don’t see why it matters unless you’re seeking advice. If you are, I suggest you come off anonymous.

Anonymous said: ok so basically my mom is hella strict and last night she said I could dye my hair, and I need advice, I am very very pale and I have green eyes, it's hard finding colours that would work with my skin tone, my hair is blonde and I'm not aloud to bleach it, do you know any colour that would suit my complexion and eye colour well? ur hella pretty btw loll

So you’re basically me? Hahaha, I have very pale skin and green eyes as well. Red worked really well for me (if you wanna creep through my tagged/me and see it). It brought out my eye color and it looked nice against my skin. I’m sure it would work wonderfully for you as long as it’s not like clown red or firetruck red, haha. You could probably do a really ashy brown or ashy blonde if you wanted to keep it more natural. I’d say go pastel, but that requires pretty much white hair and you said you can’t bleach it. Honestly since you say you’re super pale, a lot of colors could work for you. I’d personally stay away from blue though. I had pretty much blue hair once and it seemed to clash with my eye color and it just looked terrible. But that’s just my opinion. Purple, red, and pink colors will bring out the green in your eyes. You could risk going black and be like Snow White status but that’s super risky. It could either look really good or really bad. But you should totally come off anon so I can see what you look like! I’d be able to give you more accurate suggestions that way :)

Anonymous said: What's your real name?


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❁ ❁ Lazy Daisy ootd ❁ ❁


team “i wore this yesterday but i’m going to a different place so it doesn’t matter”

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i’m made of sarcasm and sexual frustration

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Fresh hair color. Not sure how I feel about it but at least it’s pretty even this time!